Paul Alezr's lecture «Art and river»

On 10th of December in Vintage hall of «Vinzavod» French expert for cultural programming Paul Alezr held a lecture «Art and river». Lecture was held as part of a cultural-educational program of International competition for urbanistic development of areas adjacent to the Moscow river, which results will be announced within the Moscow Urbanistic Forum.

Scale of the competition aims to create a system of interrelated areas and comfortable public spaces adjacent to the river Moscow, which will return the city its main waterway and make it accessible for everyone. Cultural and art institutions are to play key role in transformation of the Moscow river. This is why head of the company «Avesta Group», specialized in «cultural programming of territories of all sizes and purposes» became one of its invited experts.

Paul Alezr graduated from business school EMILYON and since 2001 has been researching mechanisms for successful functioning of cultural and historical heritage objects. His company «Avesta Group» acts as a consultant to major museums and art centers in the world, as well as numerous architectural competitions for the core areas of different cities in order to develop effective strategies for their development. Special place in company’s Portfolio hold projects concerning river aquatorias – they treat water surfaces as a main resource for city development. One of their «projects on the water» are «Marina Bay» in Singapore, «Punta della Dogana» - Modern art center in Venice, Victoria’s and Alfred’s embankment in Kapetown, «Titanic quarter» in Belfast, Modern art museum in Perm and embankment of a river Senne in Lyon. Using those and many other projects as examples, Paul Alezr will speak about cultures and arts unreplaceable role in development of a urban riverbanks and about a theory that art objects are capable not only to serve as orientation places but lay as a foundation for a long – term development strategy for revitalization of old port and industrial zones.




The lecture was supported by Moscomarchitecture, GUP «NIiIP General Plan of Moscow» and «Territory of Design» project.