Lesson of the German architect Mike Shlayh in Vinzavod

On December 3, in Vintage hall CSI ‘’Vinzavod’’ famous German design engineer Mike Shlayh will hold a lecture "Bridges in context". The lecture is supported by Moscomarchitecture, GUP "NIiIP General Plan of Moscow" and ‘’Territory of Design’’ project, as a part of cultural and educational programs of the International Competition for the urban concept development, for the areas adjacent to the Moscow River. Results of the Competition will be announced within the Moscow Urbanistic Forum.


This is the first time competition of such a scale is conducted in Russian capital. Because of that, it is difficult to overestimate the value of the first time central waterway embankments of the city will be redefined by one urban concept. The river will turn it’s face to the city, and it’s water façade will become bright and open. An integral part of the areas adjacent to the Moscow river development, in addition to improvement of quays, will be the creation of new bridges – both pedestrian and vehicle – which will not only provide communication of the opposite coast but will also become iconic buildings in city panorama. That is why one of the invited experts of the competition was Mike Shlayg – unriveled specialist in the design of bridges all sizes and purposes.

Mike Shlayh (b. 1960) - one of the four partners of the German Civil Engineering Bureau Schlaich Bergermann und partner, specializing in design solutions for stadiums, airports, railway stations, bridges, and many other facilities around the world. With all the variety of objects, structures ‘’Schlaich Bergermann und partners’’ always distinguished not only by German quality and fine-tuned line between experimental and conservative, but also a special aesthetic, manifested as a whole and in each of its components separately. As head of the Berlin branch offices, Mike Shlayh combines practice with research and teaching - he is a professor in the Department of building and engineering construction of the Faculty of Engineering at the Technical University in Berlin.

Before the Moscow audience Shlayh Mike will hold a lecture "Bridges in the context", focusing on the process of designing this type of structures and urban planning sense. Particular attention is paid to the issues of designing an architectural image of the bridge and its close relationship with the context. "Bridges are built at least 100 years, so structural reliability by itself, despite the indisputable importance of this parameter, is not enough - it is important to realize the form of a unique era and the originality of its surrounding context, whether it is developed around buildings, especially hydrogeology plot or story connected "banks." During his more than thirty years of practice, the Bureau ''Schlaich Bergermann und partner'' participated in projects for more than 50 bridges in Europe, USA and the Middle East.

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